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Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) asks parents/guardians in primary households to complete Spring iUpdate before school ends in June. Note, however, that Fall iUpdate is not that far around the corner. Complete Fall iUpdate beginning July 16th. More information will be coming soon.

Parents/guardians can:

- Update household and contact information (phone number, email and home address) to ensure you receive important information by U.S. mail, phone, email or text.
- Register K-8 students for 2018 Summer Term. The priority enrollment deadline is April 13.
- Prepare for next fall by completing 2018-2019 Technology Use Agreement, field trip, and media permission forms.
- Indicate interest in fall sports for 9th through 12th grade students.

Please complete Spring iUpdate by May 20 to ensure your child receives school bus transportation on the first day of S-Term.

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