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Need help?
- Guardians, contact a school office or use the Password Reset Tool on One Stop.
- Students, contact a teacher.


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Students and guardians, enter your One Stop username and password into the fields above to login to Campus Portal.


Campus Portal is available to all guardians. However, iUpdate (within Portal) is available to only primary household guardians. 

Guardians in primary households will complete the following in Campus Portal:

  • Register K-8 students for Summer Term Programs (grade level in the 16-17 school year).
    • Summer Term 1 Closed.
    • Summer Term 2 online registration using iUpdate available until June 25th.
  • Complete district required forms and documents related to Summer Term enrollments.
  • Update home address, alternate ("day care") address, phone numbers, emergency contacts...
  • View final grades from previous terms, course schedules, and bus information.

To log in to Campus Portal and complete iUpdate use your One Stop username (GXXXXXX) and password.

iUpdate Annual Calendar

iUpdate and Campus Portal User Names and Passwords

  • All guardians in primary households are asked to complete Spring 2017 iUpdate. The use of iUpdate insures accurate student and household information for mail and transportation purposes and allows for Summer Term registration of KG-8 students. After logging in to Campus Portal click Spring iUpdate at the bottom of the left menu. Note: Grade 9-12 students register with the help of school counselors.
  • Are you a guardian who has forgotten or lost your user name and/or password? Either contact your school clerk or the SPPS Campus Support line at 651-744-5145 for assistance. Students, remember, contact one of your teachers for help with your usernames and passwords. More One Stop Information.


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